My life


by Oliwia Michalak

I am Oliwia. I am 11 years old.
Eating habits
I eat 5 meals every day: breakfast at 7 a.m., lunch at 11 a.m.,

the main meal at 3 p.m., the afternoon snack at 6 p.m. and the last meal at 7 p.m. In the meantime, I also eat fruit and sweets. My favourite food is pancake and my favourite drink is tea. I don’t like bacon. My favourite sweet is chocolate.
Free time activities
In my free time, I like reading books and I surf the Internet. I also enjoy doing karate and dancing. I don’t like playing football.
School life
I usually start school at 9 o’clock. I study: Polish, English, Maths, ICT, History, Art, PE, Music, RE and Science. My favourite subject is Polish. I don’t like History. Breaks at my school last for 10 minutes.