My everyday life


by Oliwia Pawłowska

I get up at 6 o'clock every day. I sleep 8 hours at night and I'm relaxed and fresh in the morning.

I have a shower and get dressed. I eat breakfast, e.g. an apple, a glass of milk and a ham sandwich. I usually have seven lessons and I come back home from school at 2:30. I have dinner, do my homework and learn. I often go for a walk with my friends and then I watch TV or listen to music.
I try to eat healthy food, a lot of fruit and vegetables. I don't eat chocolate or drink fizzy drinks. I practice sports every day to keep fit. I love sports! My favourite sport is football. I always play with my brother and his friends. We play in the garden in front of my house. I like drawing pictures. I'm good at drawing animals.
In my free time, I sometimes play computer games with my brother but we never ride our bikes together.