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My parents' life

by Oliwia Michalak

Eating habits
My parents ate 5 meals a day: breakfast at 7.00, the second breakfast at noon

, the main meal at about 2 p.m., dessert before 6 p.m. and the last meal at 7 p.m. In the meantime, they ate fruit. Their favourite food was: sausages and apples; their favourite drinks – lemonade and tea. They didn’t like soups. Their favourite sweets were ice cream and chocolate.
Free time activities
In their free time, my parents loved riding bikes and roller skating. They also liked skipping and playing Chinese jump rope. They didn’t like helping their parents in the garden.
School life
My parents started school at 8 o’clock. They studied: Polish, Maths, History, Biology, Geography, Art, Technology, Science, PE, Russian and Music. Their favourite subject was Polish. They didn’t like Science.
The breaks at school between lessons lasted for 10 minutes and there was also the longest break – for 20 minutes. If they forgot to do their homework, they didn’t suffer corporal punishment. They willingly read books for school.

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