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My dad as a child

by Wiktoria Kaźmierska

School life
My dad's name is John. As a child, he lived in a village. He went to primary school from 1963 to 1972.

The primary school he attended was about two kilometres from his house so he commuted by his bike. His favourite subject was Maths. He left his house for school at 7.20 and he arrived home at about 3 p.m.
Hobbies and leisure time
My dad helped his parents in work on the farm. As a hobby, he bred rabbits and when he sold them, he was allowed to spend the earned money on his own needs. During his childhood, there was no television or computers so in his spare time he met his friends and they usually played with a ball on a nearby meadow together.
Eating habits
For breakfast, he ate a sandwich or cereal with milk. Lunch consisted of soup and other dishes. His favourite was tomato soup and for the second course he liked eating eggs or baked chicken legs with potatoes. His favourite vegetable was cabbage.


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Sveta, Estonia.
similarities in eating

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