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My grandad

by Wiktor Sikorski

When my grandpa was a child, eating habits were very different from our eating habits now. When my grandpa was young, he didn’t know instant soups, like Vifon. He didn’t have chips or drink Cola.

My grandpa and his friends drunk milk with cacao, tea or chicory coffee. They didn’t go to McDonald’s our KFC. When they were hungry, they simply ate rolls with butter. Citrus fruit was only for Christmas. The most popular cake was the yeast cake with fruit.

Hobby and free time
When my grandad was young, he had lots of hobbies. He collected stamps. He ordered stamps in the post office. He bought stamps and he put them into his stamp album. Another hobby of my granddad was photography. He had camera called ‘Zorka 5’. He loved taking photos. He photographed school sport evens, school contests and his town in order to presents photos in the school newspaper. He also took part in a photography club. My grandpa collected special coins, too. He also had a big collection of encyclopedias:
-Encyclopedia of History
-Encyclopedia of the History of Poland
-Encyclopedia of the History of Nature
-Encyclopedia of Military History
He loved books and photography.

Life at school
According to my grandad, in the past, school and teachers were different from the present. Teachers were strict and demanding. When the students behave badly, they received not only a note to class register but also the teacher hit the students’ hands with rulers, or students had to sit on a sack filled with peas. It was very uncomfortable! Moreover, they had to stay after lessons at school. A very interesting is fact that our grandparents drunk train oil and chicory coffee at school. In one class, there were almost 30 students.


0 #1 poland 2016-05-02 18:49
How intresting! And my dad ate soup. Pavel , Estonia

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