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Wiktoria Kaźmierska

School life
Hi! My name is Wiktoria Kaźmierska . I am 11 years old. I go to school from Monday to Friday.

I go to grade 5. There are 25 pupils in my class. I usually  go to school at 8.55 and finish at 15.15; it changes with every passing day. On Tuesday, I have a math club and on Thursday -  a nature club. From 10.35 to 10.45 we have so called breakfast break at school – we get milk (from Monday to Wednesday). From 11.30 to 11.50 we have the longest break at school and I have lunch then.

Free time activities
I go dancing every Monday. If the weather is nice, I go cycling with my parents or I go for a walk. At weekends, I go to the cinema or, sometimes, to the theatre. I read a book in bed every day.

Eating habits
Every day, I eat a sandwich with ham at 7.30 for breakfast. The main meal is when I come back from school. I eat, for example, chicken soup and a pork chop with salad and potatoes for the main dish. Dinner is at 19.00 . For dinner, I eat a sandwich.

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