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Kuyavian customs: calling

by Jagoda Ratajczyk

Przywołówki (calling)
Przywołówki, a local Kuyavian custom, takes places on Easter Sunday. In the 19th century, on this day, old bachelors climbed the tallest tree in a village and phrased short texts describing each spinster living in the village (the texts are also called przywołówki).
Today this tradition is maintained by the group ,,Kujawy” and The Confirmed Bachelors Club in Szymborze. Bachelors climb a tower built by themselves. Each bachelor shouts out ,,przywołówki” in a very lusty voice using the Kuyavian dialect. Here is an ex ample: ,,U pona Kwiatkowskiego pod numerym 20 miszko tako bardzo ładno paninka a na imie ij Jagatka na któro trza flaszeczke lub kubełyszek wody dla ij ochłody. Niech śpi, niech się nie boi, bo za nią Janek Fyda stoi -  tyn ją wykupi”, which means : „In Mr. Kwiatkowski’s house number 20, a very pretty girl lives. Her name is Jagatka, she needs some scented water for refreshment. She can sleep safely, she doesn’t have to be worry because Janek Fyda will redeem her.” After the text is called, the bachelor mentioned in it has to redeem the girl (he has to give some money). If the bachelor gives not enough money, he is offended by the screamer from the tower. The screamer keeps offending the bachelor until he pays more money.

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